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Hire our personal injury and auto accident attorney in Oxford, MS and across North Mississippi

Mona Pittman handles personal injury cases in Oxford, MS and the surrounding North Mississippi area. Whether you were injured on someone else's property or were hurt in a trucking or auto accident, our attorney Mona can assist you with seeking damages and guide you through the process.

Mona has more than 30 years of legal experience, so you can rest assured that she excels as a personal injury attorney, specializing in representing clients who have been wrongfully injured. Schedule a meeting with Mona today to discuss your needs.

We'll take all the details into account

Each personal injury case is different, which is why you'll need a personal injury attorney who can explore the details with a critical eye. Mona will work with you to…

  • Collect all the relevant documents
  • Deal directly with insurance companies
  • Guide you through your case each step of the way
Mona’s experience comes from dealing with cases of wrongful death, premises liability and as an auto accident attorney. She can work with you whether or not you're still receiving treatment for your injuries. Reach out now to set up a meeting.